Other Areas of Interest

In addition to these main fields of research I have also made occasional contributions to a few other areas: Marxian social thought & the economics of national defense.

Articles and Book Chapters

Marx, the Quantity Theory, and the Theory of Value.” History of Political Economy.  18: 1  155-70.  Reprinted in J.E. King (ed.) Marxian Economics, volume II, Gloucestershire, England: Edward Elgar, 1990; Reprinted in Mark Blaug, ed., Karl Marx 1818-1883.  Aldershot, England: Elgar 1991.

Some Strengths in Marx’s Disequilibrium Theory of Money,” Cambridge Journal of Economics 7,  pp. 55-68.

Hummel, J.R. & Lavoie, D.  1990.  “National Defense and the Public Goods Problem” in Robert Higgs (ed.) Arms, Politics and the Economy: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, New York: Holmes and Meier: 37-60.